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Prince Charles' former Butler gives us a lesson in etiquette

Ever been invited to a royal wedding? Grant Harrold has.

TETBURY, UK — “And I remember what the atmosphere was like,” said Royal Butler Grant Harrold. “And it was amazing.”

As a butler to Prince Charles, he attended the 2005 vows of the prince and his wife, Camilla. At another event, Grant even danced with the Queen.

“I did pinch myself,” said Harrold. “The reality is they're one of the most famous families in the world.”

Grant says, this time around, the eyes of the world will be watching as Charles' son, Prince Harry, weds his American bride, Meghan Markle.

“She'll have her own unique style, I think, like we saw with the previous royals, like Princess Diana,” said Harrold. “I think she'll have her own way of doing things.”

Harry is just the man to help Meghan succeed royally.

“He's very caring. He's considerate. He's down to earth. He knows how to carry out his royal duties,” said Harrold. “And, yes, I have no doubt that if Meghan does need any royal guidance, she's going to get it from the family, but very much from her husband.”

"The Royal Butler" knows a thing or two about that "royal guidance."

He now makes a living training butlers and teaching etiquette to VIP clients from around the world.

Step one: The neck bow.

Harrold says to bow when you meet the Queen.

“If you're a lady, it's a curtsey,” said Harrold.

Step two: The handshake.

But only if the royal offers their hand first.

“And it's two to three pumps,” said Harrold.

Step three: Disengage.

“And then hands to the side,” said Harrold.

And remember: Only the royal can initiate a hug.

But Grant says the most important thing to remember about a brush with royalty is to enjoy the moment.

“I say to people, ‘Don't get nervous, don't get stressed about it. Make sure it's a nice experience because they want it to be a nice experience,’” said Harrold.

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