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World's first keto food truck fit for a caveman

The Best of Both Worlds Food Truck? Low carb. Not low flavor.

KIRKLAND, Wash. — Shortcake? Chicken strips? Grilled cheese?  Waffle dogs?! All are on the menu and all are low-carb at the Best of Both Worlds Food Truck. "I've lost 35 pounds eating my food," says founder Arion Thompson. 

He researched and couldn't find another truck offering fast-food like his. "There's nobody else like it in the world."

They also serve pasta alfredo, pulled pork and burgers... with a bun! It's not your typical, low-carb experience. "You're always going to be missing something. There's always a part of the food you're going to have to do without. And I didn't want that. We have an unofficial slogan, 'Saving your buns since 2018' because you get your buns and eat 'em too."

We caught up with them at a farmer's market in Kirkland. Customers were constant. Arion says first-timers can't believe their eyes...or their taste buds, "You're going to freak. It's crazy."

John Ireton freaked. "I kinda wanted to try everything." He loves the secret recipe chicken on a stick. Partially thanks to Arion's truck, John lost a hundred pounds in a year. He admits to being a Best of Both Worlds stalker. "Trying to make sure where they were gonna be, when they were gonna be. So we would try to hit 'em up on weekends and sort of follow them."

Arion was already watching his carbs, but, "I want mozzarella sticks. I want chicken strips. I want all that fun food. And I want it fast and convenient." Unable to find what he craved, he chucked his finance job for food service. "If nobody's going to do it, I am!"

His first attempt was a pop-up tent in Snohomish in the summer of 2018. "We ended up doing the best sales the market had ever done as a food vendor."

Now he's got a big red truck for his family business. He says there's something for all, keto or not. "Not everything we do is vegan. Not everything we do is vegetarian or Paleo. But everything we do is low-carb. And we always have something for somebody."

Check out the Best of Both Worlds Food Truck website to see where they'll be next.

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