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Move aside Rainier, there's a new beer in town

PNW Beer

Meet the Pacific Northwest's newest cheap beer: PNW Beer. Very appropriately named, amiright?

The company started in 2016 without any corporate backing and one mission: to make a beer that not only represented the PNW, but also gave back. For every purchase, a portion of the proceeds benefits local outdoors and environmental non-profits.

So you can support the environment while grabbing a cold one. And THAT calls for a cheers!


The 'Turtle V' is back... and Evening's Michael King wore it first

Turtle V

Evening's Michael King modeling the Turtle V in 2015. 

You probably recognize these at choker cutout shirts. Right now, they're super on trend and you can find them at most major retailers. But did you know Evening's Michael King wore it first?

Back in 2015, King featured the newest fashion innovation, the 'Turtle V', for a story. (Can you say trendsetter or what?) The company behind it started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to produce a shirt that would keep your neck warm while wearing a deep V. It was intended as a joke, but they actually raised more than $17,000.

We honestly just couldn't resist pulling this footage out of the depths for you.


Computer glasses to protect your eyes from blue light

Felix Gray

Computer glasses may sound nerdy, but the glasses from Felix Gray are far from that! 

So we've all heard of reading glasses, but what about "computer glasses?" Yes, they're a thing. And no, they're not super nerdy! (At least they don't have to be) Felix Gray creates stylish non-prescription glasses to protect your eyes from blue light.

As you read this, you're staring at a screen that's emitting blue light. And that's not a big deal, but it can create problems like eye fatigue and migraines if you stare at screens for long periods at a time.

Carla Marie can vouch for this! She was getting migraines at work, so she started wearing computer glasses and now she's back to her normal (sassy) self.


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