SEATTLE — A tasting room in Seattle’s SODO neighborhood is answering the question: “What wine pairs best with pie?”

Elsom Cellars teamed up with The Pie Lady to create the new dining experience.

Elsom Cellars
Elsom Cellars is on 4th Avenue South in Seattle's SODO neighborhood.

Savory and sweet pie slices from baker Alyssa Bleifuss are paired with Elsom’s wines, made from grapes harvested entirely from the Northwest.

"I know it sounds crazy but people love eating pie and drinking wine and that's what we're doing now,” Bleifuss said.

The Pie Lady
Savory chicken pot pie pairs well with a glass of Malbec.

The idea came from her own experiences in the kitchen.

"When I'm actually making the pies, I'm always drinking a glass of red wine,” Bleifuss said.

Elsom Cellars owner Jody Elsom was open the concept, and the pairings began.

Customers can try a rosé with strawberry rhubarb pie; Cabernet with yellow curry pie; or port with marionberry pie.

Bleifuss has her own favorite.

"The Malbec is Jody's favorite wine, it's a fireside wine, and that's what she's known for,” Bleifuss said. “So I take my humble crumble pie and pair it with Jody's amazing Malbec.”

The Pie Lady Elsom Cellars
The Pie Lady has her own wines, which pair well with chocolate bourbon pecan pie.

Bleifuss first started studying pie-making as a teenager in Snohomish. She's started several pie businesses, written a poetry book about pie, and appeared on the Food Network.

She admits she’s pushing the envelope with pie and wine, but so far customers love the combo.

"It seems cuckoo but if you think about it, pie is made from berries. I'm known for my fruit pies in Seattle and we have amazing red bold wines here,” Bleifuss said. "(Winemaker) Rebecca Weber’s in the space making wine and I'm making pie and it just works. It's a niche within a niche."

You can try pie and wine pairings from noon to 8pm Wednesday through Sunday. Bleifuss also teaches a "Piecology 101" class.

Elsom Cellars | 4th Ave. South 

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