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Paddlers can now harness the wind with kites

It's one part kite surfing. One part sailing, and well on its way to becoming the next big thing on water. 

<p>The kite in Dan Tracy's arms is pulling a two man raftr across the lake</p>

Inventor Dan Tracy of Pacific Sky Power says his kite controllers can be quickly deployed to turn any paddle canoe or kayak into a speed boat harnessed to the wind.

“The fastest way to travel with a kite boat is almost straight downwind and figure 8 swooping down the kite, “ Tracy said. “That gives you the maximum tension on the lines.”

Light winds offer a relaxed ride.The greater the winds, the bigger the adventure.

“It's definitely not for the novice boat person or the novice kite flyer,” Tracy said.

He got the idea after he was stranded in a speed boat five miles off the coast of Hawaii

“Luckily I had my cell phone. I called my friend Jerry, and he actually windsurfed out and rescued me. Pulled me back into shore,” Tracy said.

Tracy believes kite power has a role in the future of cargo shipping, one of the world' biggest polluters. Kites can generate 25 times the thrust than a conventional sail the same size

“The power in the wind could run the world many times over,” Tracy said.

So if you want to save the world or just have fun, the answer is a breeze: go fly a kite!

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