ROCHE HARBOR, Wash. — It was once known for having the largest limestone deposits on the West Coast. Today, Roche Harbor is a reflection of a different natural resource... the pristine waters of the San Juan Islands.

There's a reason Roche Harbor was voted one of the best marinas on the West Coast.

Roche Harbor is unlike other locations in the Northwest. Ownerships commit to make it a better place every year. At the end of the day, what matters most is making sure everyone has a good time.

"It's about the boaters," said Kevin Carlton, the Roche 'Harbormaster,' "The camaraderie we have with the boaters and the friendships the boaters make."

The boating scene is probably Roche Harbor's main attraction. People cruise the waters throughout the year.

"We have permanent moorage and we also have our guest moorage," said Kevin, "We do about 20,000 or so boat nights a year. So it's a great mix of both."

Once you've tied up, boaters can stretch their legs with a walk through town or grab something to eat or drink. 

"We have several restaurants," said Kevin, "We have our fine dining McMillin's and we also have our cafe."

Lime Kiln Cafe is a great place to grab a quick bite to eat on Roche Harbor.

Each night in the summer right before sunset, Roche does something that makes it stand out among other PNW locations.

"We do a colors ceremony -- a tribute to the American flag, the Canadian flag and also the British flag," Kevin explained, "So we march out every night and bring those flags down and taps come down as our American flag."

The colors ceremony happens every evening in Roche Harbor, right before sunset.

While it may not be mining limestone anymore, Roche Harbor does produce plenty of great memories.

"Roche Harbor is a must-see destination. And anyone's who's been here will tell you you gotta go to Roche." 

Roche Harbor | Northern San Juan Island

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