It's hot...

Served up in a paper cup....

And is definitely not coffee.

"Oh you gotta try this, this is heaven!” declares a customer after taking a sip of the steamy stuff.

The owners of Portland's popular bone broth cafe Salt Fire & Time just opened Broth Bar in Olympia's 222 Market, a new complex that houses markets and eateries with local fare.

Broth Bar co-owner Tressa Yellig says her broth, made from bones boiled for 72 hours, gives drinkers a whammy of protein and minerals, and other health benefits as well:

"What it actually does for the body, is improve absorption, it helps speed healing, it helps people with joint mobility issues, people with degenerative nervous system problems,” said Yellig.

A cold and flu season bestseller is what she makes for us: chicken broth with a duck egg, ginger juice, fresh turmeric and green onions. Customers add their own salt and condiments. And the rotating broth menu can feature beef, pork, chicken, bison, even alpaca broth on any given day.

Yellig says Olympia's Broth Bar has one mission:

Make a healing, nutrient dense beverage that anyone can take on the go.

Sure, bone broth's high concentration of nutrients and all of these healthy add-ins are good for you -- healing even.

But sipping this stuff is also taking the coziness cure. Take it from Betty Lausch, a customer in her 90's taking her very first taste:

" is good. Warms me clear down to my toes!"

Broth Bar

222 Capitol Way N

Olympia, WA 98501

(360) 870-5124

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