OLYMPIA, Wash. — We're riding on a trail along Capitol Lake, pedaling through downtown. It’s all part of a scenic quest to get to better know Olympia and its breweries.

“We have a great history with beer and a great beer scene,” says Robin Knutson, the owner of the Olympia Bike and Beer Tour. We meet him at Tumwater Historical Park, across from the original 1896 Olympia Brewery building. Knutson provides the bikes and helmets.

The tour runs three hours and involves three stops at brewpubs. Knutson also offers a coffee and bike tour. He’s an Olympia native, proud of his hometown.

“I like to give a lot of the stories I have from growing up in the area,” he says.

Our first stop is Well 80, an Olympia brewpub that uses artisan water. My brew is a Handsome Paul Pale Ale, named for the brewer.

Owner Chris Knutson enjoys giving impromptu tours to the biking groups.

“They are always in a good mood a lot of fun,” he says. “Why wouldn't you be in a good mood you are riding a bike around and having a couple beers?”

Back on our bikes, we head past the port to the marina.

“All the logs here usually go to Japan or China,” Knutson says. “All the logs to go to China are stripped of their bark due to a law that the Chinese government has, and the rest of the logs will be going to Japan.”

We've still got a few more miles to go, and two more brewpubs to visit. Getting to know Olympia on two wheels is a capital idea.

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