This is NOT the Nutcracker of your childhood!

Not even close.

Land of the Sweets: The Burlesque Nutcracker glides and leaps and spins across the stage at The Triple Door in Downtown Seattle.

Created by Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann, this 90-minute celebration of snow and dance and strategically covered body parts runs through December 7-28.

Creators Lily Verlaine and Jasper McCann

Lily's been in show-biz ever since she did a Cabbage Patch ad at the age of four. She went on to become a ballerina who performed countless times in the conventional nutcracker. In tonight's show, she's a Stargazer Lily, then... the Steamy Countess of Coffee.

Lily gives us a preview: "So it's myself and two of the most gorgeous males I think that walk this earth. They're actually twins. And they're dressed as peacocks. And they're preparing me for my bath in a huge coffee cup."

So if you don't like coffee when you show up... we're pretty sure you will by the time you leave.

It was Scott Giampino who brought the show, now in its 12th year, to The Triple Door.

"I knew we'd have a hit on our hands," he says. "There is near nudity. But even the guy with the beard wears pasties!"

It becomes clear from the opening number that this is not your grandmother's nutcracker

Lily and Jasper think the man behind the classic Nutcracker would wholeheartedly approve of their take.

"Tchaikovsky in his own right as a composer and an artist was very flamboyant."

"I think Tchaikovsky would be ecstatic. Honestly. I think he'd be right behind us."

The show is often sold out through December, so grab tickets as soon as you can.

Land of the Sweets: The Nutcracker Burlesque was named 2017's BEST Burlesque in Western Washington in our annual viewer's poll.

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