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'Night Court' makes a comeback on NBC

The comedy is back in session after a nine-season run from 1984 to 1992. #k5evening

SEATTLE — NBC is reviving one of its classic shows for a brand new audience. 

"Night Court" will follow Harry Stone's daughter, Abby, as the new judge running the Manhattan municipal courtroom. 

Reporter Jim Dever talked to two of the show's stars: Melissa Rauch (Abby Stone) and John Larroquette (Dan Fielding).

DEVER: John, Melissa, thank you so much for joining us. I'm looking so much forward to this show. I was a fan the first time around. And Melissa you're not just playing judge in the show. You're also one of the producers and I'm wondering, how important was it to you that you had the guy sitting next to you on board for this reboot?

RAUCH: Oh my gosh, it was the most important thing knowing the story that we wanted to tell and knowing that we wanted to revisit this show. This guy was everything as far as the green light to do it for everyone.

DEVER:  So John, how has your character changed? You have such a unique opportunity to come back and revisit someone 30 years later. How has the character changed over those years?

LARROQUETTE: Well, as you know, life beats us all up in its own way. And since 35 years has passed since last we saw Mr. Fielding. Life has, you know, punched him in the gut knocked him in the head, occasionally given him good surprises and good days. But we find him at a place where he has been alone for we're not sure how long, but he's been alone for a while, and sort of content in that solitude. But when this young lady knocks on his door, and he realizes that it's Harry Stone's daughter, who's now going to be the judge in this night court. He figures that he owes it to Harry to try and help her not be crushed. 

DEVER: What a wonderful twist to Melissa that you get to play the daughter of this iconic television character, Judge Stone. So what what motivates your Judge Stone?

RAUCH: You know, I think she's very much guided by the same principles that her father was. She leaves her courtroom with the same philosophy that Harry Stone did, which is that every person who comes through those doors is a person, they're not judged by their crime and she's looking to find out what their story is and how she can help them.

"Night Court" is airing now on NBC.

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