Team Evening decided to visit Next Step Archery in Mountlake Terrace to brush up on their archery skills.

Our instructor Keith Sekora is a national champion. And he shows us how it's done.

He is an American hero. Keith shoots one handed because he was wounded in the Air Force in Afghanistan. He found a lot of healing right here at Next Step Archery.

"If I start having PTSD flare-ups, I can come in here, go downstairs, be alone and just focus on shooting. It helps center me again. Gets me calm," said Sekora.

Keith shoots one handed because he was wounded in the Air Force in Afghanistan.

We all felt very at home with Keith because he is not afraid to give us a hard time.

Kim wants to know what happens if she hits the bullseye, and the answer is you get a sticker!

When Michael steps up to shoot they noticed his stance was a little...girly.

"We call your style of shooting the 'sassy girl.'"

Jim couldn't help himself but to point out how Kim resembled Katniss from the Hunger Games.

"There you go Katniss. She totally looks like Katness. So much Katniss. Katniss galore," mocked Jim.

Michael doesn't know who Katniss is, so we had to fill him in on the Hunger Games reference.

Jim fancies himself for being a bit of a robin hood type, you know the type - muscular.

He's a former male gymnast. Can you tell?

All in all, Saint proved that he is great. Jim proved that he is great. Michael proved that he is a sassy girl. It was a good time had by all.

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