Thrifting is a great way to save money, but if you haven't done it before, you might not know where to begin.

“I’m a professional shopper,” said stylist Darcy Camden. “I get to go shopping every day.”

But where Camden shops may surprise you. Crossroads Trading Co. is her favorite place to pick, using other people’s seconds to look first-rate. Thrifting is about recycling and refreshing a wardrobe on the cheap without sacrificing an ounce of style.

“I think it’s cooler to have something that has a little bit of a story, Camden said.”

The possibilities can be overwhelming for first-timers, so Camden decided to share her resale rules:

1. Consign your own clothing.

“I always bring something to sell because if I can get a little credit or a little money back from something that I wasn’t going to wear anyway, then anything that I buy here feels like an even better deal,” Camden said.

At Crossroads Trading Co., Camden got $56 in credit for the four items she brought to the store. The three designer items she purchased barely cost her anything out of pocket -- $7.

2. Do a quick sweep of the store.

“I walk the whole perimeter of the store, and then I walk up and down the aisles,” Camden said.

You might even find items with their original tags still attached.

3. Ask yourself, “Does this fit in my wardrobe?”

If you find something you like, think about how you would put it into an outfit.

“Otherwise, it’s just going to sit there,” Camden said. “If you can mentally make about three outfits, then it’s a good purchase.”

4. Limit your purchases before you ever set foot in the store.

If you brought in four items to sell, don’t buy more than four things. This is will prevent your closet from getting cluttered.

5. Dive into denim.

You can save as much as 90 percent of the original cost of denim pieces by thrifting. At Crossroads Trading Co., Camden found a pair of jeans on sale for $10. She said same pair would cost about $200 at Nordstrom.

6. Block out enough time to look at everything.

That’s how treasures are unearthed, like the $16.50 Prada skirt Camden found during her visit to the thrift store.

7. Try everything on. No exceptions!

“If you buy something that doesn’t fit you, you’re not going to wear it,” Camden said.

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