AUBURN, Wash. — It's a fascinating little exhibit with a big name: "SASQUATCH: Ancient Native Perspectives on the Mysterious Beings of the Woods."

The White River Valley Museum has gathered oral histories dating back more than a century.

"They were interviewing people born in 1820, 1840," says Museum Director Patricia Cosgrove.

Referencing generations of anthropologists, the museum is telling the tale of this hairy subject from a Native American perspective and without judgment.

Cosgrove says, "We do not take the approach: are they real?"

The exhibit presents four of the Northwest's most intriguing crypto-creatures through stories, photos, images based on historical descriptions and maps of their stomping grounds.

"You kind of get some chills when you think they talked about pretty much the same thing, a long distance apart," she says.

You'll also spot the creature's impact on pop culture, from comic books to tee shirts. It's a definitive look at a mystery with ancient roots.

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