SEATTLE — Nana's Green Tea is a worldwide sensation, known for its beautiful and tasty parfaits. Now, Nana's first location in the continental US is Seattle's Denny Triangle!

The parfaits here are picture-perfect!

Nana's serves matcha-based drinks that can be ordered hot and cold- like a matcha latte served with matcha ice cream or a sweet red bean latte.

nana's drinks
Their drinks are often served with whipped cream and ice cream- but are never too sweet.

They serve parfaits, of course, and other traditional Japanese desserts. They also serve Japanese homestyle meals.

nana's meal
Breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert- Nana's got it!

Nana's Green Tea | 1007 Stewart St Ste 103, Seattle, WA 98101  | (206) 785-6477 

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