SEATTLE — When you talk about the Seattle food scene, you gotta start with the beverages. The Emerald City considers itself the coffee and microbrew capital of the country.

Beer has always been big around here starting over a hundred years ago with Rainier. Now microbrews are what's on tap. Washington has over 370 breweries with 110 of those in King County alone.

Seattle may be second to San Francisco with over 840 coffee shops but San Fran is not the birthplace of the extra-grande coffee behemoth, Starbucks. At last count, there were over 25,000 Starbucks around the world, but you can still get a cup of joe at their first location down at Pike Place Market.

There's a ton of great things to eat here, but your freshest bet is seafood. Seattle icon Ivar Haglund started the trend back in the late 30's and his restaurants have been keeping people clam ever since. Salmon is revered here. We love to throw it around and we're willing to pay through the nose when Copper River salmon comes in fresh from Alaska every May.

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But if you want the quintessential bite of Seattle head to Dick's Drive-In. Before McDonald's flipped their first patty, Dick's was already serving burgers and hand cut fries from their first location in 1954. Their menu has changed little since then and their prices have stayed pretty low too making it a go-to place to feed the family or your 1:00 am cravings.

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