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Mill Creek coffee shop offers creative takes on the traditional

Mixed: Coffee and Community reflects the owner's cultural heritage and her desire to bring people together. #k5evening

MILL CREEK, Wash. — From Avatar-inspired teas to Ecuadorian-style empanadas, Mixed: Coffee and Community is a place where you can always find something unique.

For fall, Matcha Green Tea is mixed with Ecuadorian chocolate to create the Halloween-inspired "Frankenstein" drink. 

Catnip and California Poppy can be found in their Waterbender Tea. 

Mixed: Coffee and Community is a reflection of owner Savannah Jackson's heritage. 

"I'm a mixed kid, half black and half Ecuadorian. We love mixing drinks. We love mixing cultures," said Jackson.

Mixed: Coffee and Community opened on Juneteenth of 2021. 

After attending college and becoming an activist, the 25-year-old Jackson wanted to find a way to bring people together.  She thought a coffee shop would be the perfect way to make an impact. 

"I want to know my neighbors and I want them to know me. I want to feel safe when I walk around in this town. I want people who look like me to know they are not alone," shared Jackson.

The food on the menu is what she grew up eating in her own family. To her, Pan de Yuca is most special.

"You can find them up and down South America, but then we offer the Ecuadorian version. It's made with tapioca flour, eggs, butter, cheese, and salt.  They get crispy on the outside and warm and gooey in the middle. It's like a warm hug almost. We grew up on those,"  shared Jackson. 

They also have cheese empanadas but they are served Ecuadorian style, which means dusted with sugar on top. 

Savannah's mom roasts the pork that can be found in the Cubano sandwiches. 

"So if you want that Latin mom touch to a Cuban sandwich, it's a really good sandwich!" confessed Jackson. 

Mixed: Coffee and Community is located at 800 164th St SE Unit N in Mill Creek and is open 7 days a week.

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