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Millheads in Pioneer Square takes Best Barber honors

Barbershop in Pioneer Square brings old school cool back and welcomes men, women, and pets.

SEATTLE — When we learned Millheads in Pioneer Square won 2018's Best Barber in our Best of Western Washington viewer’s poll, we asked Derek Price of New Day Northwest to sacrifice some of his abundant hair to storytelling.

"I’m a little nervous about that. I have faith in this person, never met them, but they won an award so we should be alright."

Those nerves were calmed the instant he sat in the antique chair and was offered a cold beer.

Owner and barber Paul Pugliese says going to the barber should be a break from the bustle.

"You come in you have a beer, relax in the chair, it's a slow service, not a fast service. We get to know our clients really well, a lot of our clients are our friends."

Customer Mark Foote is one such client:

"I feel like a barber is next to your therapist, much more so than a bartender, because you see 'em regularly, you have his undivided attention and he has a razor at your neck. In an odd way, it’s pretty intimate.

At Millheads, conversation flows and pets are welcome. There's even a shop dog, a mini husky named Runa.

"So I just wanted it to be more traditional, not your basic run in and run out shop.

We wanted to have shaving and hot towel treatment and cover the whole aspect of men's grooming and female grooming - we do both. I just want to have that classic vibe when you come in and hang out." Pugliese explained.

There is one quintessential thing he says you've gotta try if you come into Millheads, "Everyone's got to try getting a shave at some point in their lives - it is just an experience, going through the whole process, having something sharp running across your throat.”

As for Derek's Big Reveal? Well, it didn't really happen. Turns out he's growing his hair long to donate, but he got good conversation, relaxation, and a great hair and beard trim from his barber, Jamieson.

That's what gives Millheads its old school … edge.

Millheads Barbershop - 83 Yesler Way, Seattle, WA 98104, (206) 682-7079

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