Seattle — Where do you want to go right now, and how do you want to get there?

"There are about nine to 15 ways to get from point A to point B," said entrepreneur Jeff Warren. "There is a lot of choice in personal transportation."

Warren's Seattle start-up, Migo, has your wheels.

"Car share, and rideshare, and taxis, and bikes," Warren said. "What's closest? What's cheapest? And what's going to pick you up the fastest?"

The Migo app combines a wide range of transportation options into one program. You can find what's nearby, compare prices and arrival times, hail and pay for your ride within a single app.

The company's Vice President of Product, Vince Cheng, put it to the test in Seattle's Pioneer Square, looking for a ride across town to Ballard.

"It might be a little too far to bike, although we could do that next time," Cheng said, as he scrolled through the real-time information on the app.

Using Migo, he found a few convenient choices within seconds. A rideshare on Lyft would cost 17 dollars. There was a cheaper, self-driving option.

"We could take a car2go for nine dollars," Cheng said.

The app showed that the car2go vehicle was parked just a few feet away, a good choice for that specific time and location.

"Migo's goal is to show people how easy it is to try it," Warren said.

Migo is currently up and running in Seattle and Portland. Watch for it to be "shared" all across the country soon.

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