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A West Seattle glass artist creates one-of-a-kind art inspired by nature

Melissa Misoda's "Earthscape" series was born from the pandemic — a way to spread beauty and joy during a tough situation. #k5evening

SEATTLE — For Melissa Misoda, inspiration hits her at about 2100 degrees.

Misoda is a glassblowing instructor at Sammamish High School. When she's not teaching, she's creating stunning glass art in her garage studio — playing with fire.

"I love the heat, I love that it's so fast-paced, and I love that you need to finish it in just one shot," Misoda said.

But recently, she's been in her garage studio a lot more — when the pandemic hit and school went online, Misoda found herself stuck in her house.

"I got a little depressed about it," Misoda said. "And I wanted to do something to get me out of that funk."

From that funk was born her Earthscape series.

"I really like to let the glass kind of have it's own voice," Misoda said. "Glass is liquid when you're working with it, and I like to see that in the final project."

Credit: KING 5
Misoda's "Earthscape" series is inspired by the colors of nature.

Misoda's website describes her new series of glass: "My ‘Earthscape’ series was created out of response to quarantine. Longing to get out and experience what is often taken for granted - from mountains to beaches to fields of flowers - these vessels are designed to brighten and bring all the colors of the world into your home."

Each Earthscape vase is one-of-a-kind, a blend of color and texture born from Melissa's unique style. Glass is a delicate art that takes speed and an eye for design. Glass looks different when it's molten-orange with heat- but once cooled, its beautiful colors show.

"This is like, boom, one shot," Misoda said. "You gather the glass, you blow the glass, the glass is finished."

And from that chaos, something beautiful emerges. But for Misoda, it's not just about the final product. It's the process.

"It's just so spontaneous and fun and hot and awesome," Misoda said.

You can buy Misoda's work from her website, and follow her on Instagram.

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