Seahawks rookie Ben Burr-Kirven can't wait to start his first season as a pro. But first, he sits down with KING 5 Evening's Michael King for an up-close and personal edition of "Hangin' with the Hawks."

MICHAEL:  You were a film major at the University of Washington. So what is your favorite film?

BEN: Oh man, that's such a hard question. The one I always tell people is "Memories of Murder." Normally people haven't seen it so that's why I tell people. I try to pick something people haven't seen.  It's a crime movie out of Korea. If you like crime, thrillers, it's awesome.

MICHAEL: What is it about movies that you love so much?

BEN: My brother, he got a camcorder when we were probably eight and six? We started making little home movies in the backyard. Every time we'd get home from school, we're making fake Indiana Jones movies, superhero movies. The older I got, I fell in love with it. I think there's something that just draws me to it.

MICHAEL: You have one of those double last names. Sometimes people have a hard time pronouncing it. What is the best mispronunciation of your name?

BEN: I get BEER-Kirven a lot. Some people don't say both. They just pick one. Or they just abbreviate to BBK like most people do. I think Beer-Kirven's probably the most common.

MICHAEL: You probably heard that a lot on frat row at the U-Dub.

BEN: Yeah, yeah, and people like to make puns? Like Brrrrrr. I've had announcers in high school games say Brrrr, like it's cold.

MICHAEL: And you have two names because you have two moms. I think you're probably the only guy in the locker room in that situation. It's much more common now but still unconventional. How has that shaped you?

BEN: It's definitely unique. Especially when I was younger, it was more of a thing I had to deal with. Just explaining to kids. Now I think, y'know it's 2019, so people get it. And in terms of sports, I don't think it's changed me at all. They're my parents and it's no different to me than anyone else. They've supported me and loved football. They'll be at all the games this year. So it's pretty awesome.

MICHAEL: You were known as a Husky for your long, blond locks flowing out of your helmet. And your burly beard. How are you enjoying the clean-cut look now?

BEN: The beard and long hair's fun. But only on game day. The rest of the time it's pretty terrible. I'd have people crossing the street when they saw me coming. You kinda look a little bit worse for wear after practice. I think it was really cool in games, having the hair coming out. You get some cool pictures. But outside of football, it was not the best look. 

Watch for BBK during Thursday night's final preseason game against the Raiders. He wears number 55.

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