BELLEVUE, WASH. — It’s hard to imagine a stronger mother-daughter relationship than Chris and Sarah Moorman’s relationship.

Sarah is a world-record-holding powerlifter, and she goes to her mom for weightlifting advice.

Chris is also a world-record-holding powerlifter. They compete in bodybuilding, too, calling themselves powerbuilders.

“There’s nothing more motivating than knowing you're gonna be wearing this tiny little piece of fabric in front of hundreds if not thousands of people, literally being judged on your physique,” Chris said.

Chris started bodybulding on her own at age 12.

“I don't know where it came from,” Chris said. “Maybe just from being so small and feeling vulnerable and not wanting to feel vulnerable.”

Sarah started bodybuilding at the same age.

“I wanted to be big and strong like my mom,” Sarah said.

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