SEATTLE — The X-Men franchise has lots of big action sequences, but ultimately the stories circle back to the power of friendship.

That theme extends to some of the Dark Phoenix cast members in real life, too.

Through eight years and four movies, James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender have played the best of mutant frenemies as the idealistic Professor X and the cynical Magneto.

But a quick Google search reveals their real-life dynamic is pure bromance.

“We are the main love story in this series,” Fassbender said.

The two have even work-shopped celebrity couple nicknames.

"Was it Fassavoy? Or McBender?” McAvoy said. “I think it was McFassey or Fassavoy or something like that."

But they aren't the only friendship super-duo from Dark Phoenix.

Sophie Turner and Jessica Chastain are having a blast together at public events and in their personal Instagram feeds.

"So what would our (nickname) be?” Turner asked. “Chastophie?” 

“Chophie?” Chastain responded. "Choph? I like Choph.”

“Yeah, we win,” Turner added.

Dark Phoenix is rated PG-13 and opens in theaters June 7.

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