You may not know his name, but you've heard his music.

When we first saw him in 2011, he was literally in the shadows, backing up Seattle rapper Macklemore on the violin. But with his new album, Andrew Joslyn is trying to get used to the spotlight.

"I love being the guy behind the scenes," he says.

In addition to being Macklemore's main strings, Joslyn's work can be heard alongside Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses, Judy Collins and, most recently, on Kesha's worldwide hit "Praying." He's also done movie scores and commercials.

His first solo album, "Awake at the Bottom of the Ocean," chronicles a time of upheaveal in the artist's life. He ended a relationship soon after an apartment fire destroyed most of what he owned.

The one possession that survived was his favorite violin. He found it under his bed that was ruined by the fire.

"You open it up and the violin was completely pristine. Completely untouched. A little bit of smoke damage. But it hadn't even lost its tuning," he says.

He says he cannot explain these "influences of the universe." He just took it as a sign affirming music as his life's work. He says it propelled him to complete the album and changed its tone.

His direction in the music world comes partially from his famous brother, comedian Chris Kattan. Andrew was a classically trained violinist when his older brother gave him a nudge.

"My brother gave me a mix tape when I was a kid. A little tape cassette. Had Sting, U2, Tears for Fears, Bryan Ferry of Roxy Music. And it was this record that was just like, I hadn't heard sounds like that at all. I was so used to Tchaikovsky and to Erik Satie and Bach and all of a sudden I was like, this is amazing."

A decade later he found himself leaping on the stage with Macklemore in front of millions.

"I'm just... playing violin. I was really outta place. And it was awesome. I loved it."

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