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Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani have a lot in quarantine common

They star in the new Netflix comedy 'The Lovebirds'

SEATTLE — Another major movie is opening this weekend in homes rather than theaters: The Lovebirds.

The adventure/action comedy is set in New Orleans and stars Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani as a troubled couple framed for murder, who must work together to solve a mystery and clear their names.

Kim Holcomb talked to the stars from their homes.

HOLCOMB: "I do think this movie is a great opportunity to have that date night. Issa, I want you to tell me what beverage we're going to have, and then Kumail you tell me what snack we're going to have with this movie."

RAE: "Date night? Prosecco. All day."

NANJIANI: "I don't think you do a snack, I think you've got to do a full meal when you watch this movie, you know? See if you can get some New Orleans food going, like figure out how to make beignets or something, oh my god I just made myself very upset."

HOLCOMB: "There is an on-going theme in this movie about The Amazing Race, but I would like to know which reality show you think the other person could actually win?"

RAE: "Ru Paul's Drag Race. I think he would kill it."

NANJIANI: "I think Issa would actually win The Amazing Race. I really think Issa would be very good at that."

HOLCOMB: "You guys have really incredible comedic chemistry in this movie. I’m wondering how much you have in common, in quarantine. You guys can give me a thumbs up or a thumbs down to these questions and we'll see how you guys match up. Regularly putting on pants?"

RAE – thumbs up

NANJIANI – thumbs down

HOLCOMB: “Exercising routinely?”

BOTH – thumbs up

HOLCOMB: “Mid-afternoon snacking?”

BOTH – thumbs up

HOLCOMB: "Listening to all the music?”

BOTH – thumbs up

HOLCOMB: "And finally, talking to your pet like it's a human?”

RAE – thumbs down

NANJIANI – thumbs up

HOLCOMB: “You got three out of five so I'm very impressed!"

NANJIANI: "Honestly, I don't know why I said the no pants thing. I put on pants every day. Before this, the worst part of my day was putting on pants, it used to feel oppressive, and now I cannot wait to do it every day."

RAE: "Are we talking like sweatpants or dressy pants?"

HOLCOMB: “Like, pants pants.”

RAE: "No, I have not worn anything other than sweats. So, I lied."

HOLCOMB: "Well you're making me feel much better about some of the choices I'm making right now. Thank you for taking the time, you guys - I loved the movie and you made my husband do that thing where he laughs but no sound comes out, so (thumbs up.)”

RAE: “Yay, thank you!”

NANJIANI: “I love that, thank you."

The Lovebirds starts streaming on Netflix May 22.

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