The Lopez Island Procession of the Species is a small town parade you would only find in the San Juan Islands. It’s a celebration of Earth Day, honoring all species, real or mythical.

Islanders make costumes during workshops leading up to the procession. Reuse is encouraged, and in the hands of creative thinkers, waste becomes a fantastical animal costume.

This year, the Procession of the Species coincided with the Great Island Cleanup and The Tour de Lopez, a more-scenic-than-speedy Island-wide bike ride.

Christa Campbell, director of the Lopez Chamber of Commerce, filled us in on the particulars of the tour.

“It's a fun ride, it's a family ride, it's noncompetitive and it’s not a race," Campbell said. "There's no timing, there's no bibs. You get a lunch ticket and a really good meal after you’re done.”

Visitors picking up litter and pedaling bikes suit Lopez just fine. In fact, when was the last time you heard a Chamber of Commerce Director say this?

"If you wanna come, if you're okay with your cell phone not working, if you're okay with slow internet speed… gerbil style, if that's important to you or you can relax and enjoy it, we are that place," Campbell said.

And really, who needs cell service when you have so much going on?

Low-impact, Lopez living looks like a pretty good party.

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