A million dollar idea can happen anywhere. For Seattle's Demitri Pallis, his came behind a bar while trying to make a better Bloody Mary.

"We started making the base and I tweaked the recipe and it took me probably a year and a half to fine tune our recipe to the way that I liked it." Said Pallis.

When other bars started liking it too, he knew he was on to something.

"Pretty soon I thought, well you know, it works for them and it works for me, maybe I'll start knocking on some doors."

He began by mixing batches in his basement and meeting with countless bars and restaurants.
But his persistence and his superior product paid off.

"I'm proud to say we are the most award winning Bloody Mary mix on the planet."

Demitri’s now has four Bloody Mary flavors plus a long list of other bar products produced by his Seattle company, Gourmet Mixes.

"My idea when I developed the recipe was if you can't taste it, don't put it in."

Demetri’s is now enjoyed in every state in the nation. But he continues to make it locally using only natural ingredients.

"A lot of people have things made in other states long distances away. This way is really nice to have it accessible to us in case we have to make a change or do a quality check."

From bar rags to red riches, Demitri Pallis is changing the way people drink. And while his Bloody Mary mixes are savory, his recipe for success has been very sweet.

"It's a really passionate thing that I enjoy doing and I love doing it."