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A Bellevue man is creating a video game where you play as a cat

Little Kitty, Big City is an upcoming video game that invites you to play as an adorable cat! #k5evening

BELLEVUE, Wash. — Felines have long fascinated and delighted us — and Matt Wood, video game developer and founder of Double Dagger Studio, is no exception. 

"In some ways, they're kind of mysterious," Wood says. "They're unpredictable, right? But at the same time, they're always loving."

Matt and his family have two cats, Mario and Roxy. And these fluffy friends helped Matt come up with Double Dagger's first video game: a highly-anticipated video game inspired by Wood's cats and kids. Wood likes to brainstorm ideas with his children, and one idea stuck.

"We're playing with the cats," Wood says. "And like, [one of them said] I would love to play as a cat."

And thus, the idea for Little Kitty, Big City was born.

"Little Kitty, Big City is a game where you play as a cat, a mischievous cat, who is lost and has to find their way home," Wood says. "But on the way home, they find out there's a lot of other really fun things to see and do in the city."

Wood put out a small trailer for the game, and it took off online. The internet loves cats; ergo, the internet loves Little Kitty, Big City.

Credit: Little Kitty, Big City
You play as a kitty exploring the big city.

Wood works with several others to craft the game. The Double Dagger team is making sure you can do pretty much anything a cat can do. Mario and Roxy are big parts of making that happen.

"My cats are definitely an inspiration," Wood says. "We also spend a lot of time watching cat videos."

Wood says Double Dagger plans to release Little Kitty, Big City sometime in 2022.

"I hope it relieves relieve some stress for people," Wood says. "If I can give that to somebody, then that's great."

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