MARYSVILLE, Wash. — Friends are there when you need them most. That was never truer when Zoe Bennett's friend, Phenyx, received life-changing news.

"She got brain cancer. She was diagnosed on it the day before my birthday," said Zoe.

While Phenyx battled, her family's medical bills mounted.

"Things got really tight for them and they needed help," said Dawn Bennett, Zoe's mom.

Zoe's help for her friend Phenyx was inspired by her life-long love of man’s best friend. She started a mini-business making homemade dog treats. She calls it, Bark4aCause.

"When I made it my parents said, what do you want to name it and I said, bark for a cause. And they said, you can't name it bark for a cause if it's not for a cause. And they said, what would your cause be and I said, Phenyx. And they said, OK."

With some help from her mom, Zoe turns their family kitchen into a bakery worth barking about.

"It's brown rice flour, pumpkin puree and then xylitol free peanut butter," said Dawn.

The treats also have one ingredient you can't get in stores.

"A little girl's love!" exclaimed Zoe.

When her parents posted about Zoe's cause, the response was overwhelming.

"Our first post on Facebook that my husband had made she was sell treats went crazy," Dawn said.

"You could see the comments coming in, I'd like some, I'd like some,  I'd like 3. And we were like, how so fast? Overnight too!" said Zoe.

So far Zoe has raised more than $3,000 dollars for Phenyx's care. And though her friend is getting better, Zoe Bennett is always looking for a cause that might need a little girl's love.

"Once I get started on something I'm started on it," said Zoe. "You know you can do it if you try."

If you would like to order Zoe's treats you can contact her here.

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