NORTH BEND, Wash. -- There's big news in North Bend where for the first time in 25 years, cameras are rolling on the secretive sets of Twin Peaks.

SPOILER ALERT! The following paragraph may be considered a spoiler to some fans of the show.

Before we were politely but firmly asked to leave a shoot just outside town, we got a glimpse of Everett McGill who is back playing gas station owner Big Ed Hurley on the Showtime revival of Twin Peaks.

"Twin Peaks treasures its secrets ," says Charlie Eadie, a Twin Peaks fan who moved to North Bend just days ago.

His timing couldn't be better.

North Bend has never looked more like Twin Peaks. Crew members are renovating Twede's Cafe so it can reprise its role as the Double RR Diner. Last weekend, at the Salish Lodge, Eadie and friends ran into the show's famous executive producers, David Lynch and Mark Frost.

"After they went around the corner we all just kind of jumped up and down.," says Eadie. "We couldn't believe it".