SEATTLE, Washington — Music rules at Capitol Hill's new bar, Life on Mars. This is the ultimate spot for vinyl lovers, vegans, and everyone in between. If you love good music, good drinks and good plant-based food, Life on Mars is the place to be.

Life on Mars 1
Life on Mars lets you become the DJ during their Vinyl Happy Hour.

A few Seattle music superstars are behind the bar. KEXP's John Richards owns the bar with his partner, Amy Richards, and several other friends.

Vinyl Happy Hour is when Life on Mars truly shines. From Monday through Saturday, 4pm-6pm, and Sunday from open to close, you get to be the DJ! Grab a vinyl from the wall of vinyl, bring it up to the bar, and one of the Life on Mars folks will spin the record of your choice. There's plenty of vinyls to choose from- including, of course, the namesake of the bar- David Bowie's Hunky Dory album, featuring the song Life on Mars.

John and Amy are both vegan, so Life on Mars has an exclusively plant-based menu. However, that doesn't mean what you think it means. Expect waffle sandwiches with jackfruit BBQ, sweet potato fries, and their own plant-based burgers. The Dancehall burger features vegan potato salad and picapeppa sauce!

Life on Mars Burger
The Dancehall Burger is completely plant-based, and features plantains, pickapeppa sauce, and sweet potato fries.

Life on Mars also has a full vegan cocktail menu as well. Instead of egg whites for their foam, Life on Mars uses aquafaba- the water that's left over when cooking chickpeas. It's an innovative menu that features a variety of drinks.

They also have mocktails as well, like the Dead Ringer- featuring lime, coconut cream, and pineapple som- otherwise known as drinking vinegar.

Life on Mars cocktails
Life on Mars serves vegan cocktails and mocktails.

Life on Mars is the perfect spot for audiophiles, vegans, or anyone who loves delicious food and an incredible selection of music.

Mon, 6/17, Life on Mars in Seattle, Full Episode, KING 5 Evening

Life on Mars | 722 E Pike Street | 206-323-9166 

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