Leroy's Menswear has kept Seattle men looking good for over twenty years. Since 1980 this has been the place where men with cash...would buy their flash. Now, the store is closing for good on Saturday, April 14th.

Leroy Shumate has owned the Pike Street store since 1980. He sells distinctive clothes, shoes, and neckwear that have become popular with the prom crowd.

It's hard to find purple clothes but at Leroy's, BINGO! The clientele is mostly made up of people going to prom.

"There's a lot of entertainers that I've been lucky enough to deal with, like Mick Fleetwood. He bought eight suits from me," said the owner of Leroy Menswear, Leroy Shumate.

Team Evening visited Leroy Menswear in search of flashy clothes that make the boys look like rock stars or at least the stars of a prom for middle-aged men.

Reporter Kim explained that she thinks the guys look great all the time, but this place gives them an opportunity to get outside of themselves and try something that is bolder. There's a lot of jewel tones and bright colors that they usually never wear so I'm excited to see what Leroy and I can come up with.

When you wear clothes like this, you're making a statement. You're making a bold statement so you feel bold. You feel empowered.

"This is a nice red suit striped double-breasted vest. Actually, it's one of the most popular things I sell," said Shumate.

Leroy's store is located at 204 Pike St and the store will be permanently closing. The last day to shop will be Saturday, April 14th, 2018.

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