SEATTLE — What do you get when you cross Korean and Mexican food? Korexican food, according to Lazy Susan on Queen Anne!

True to its name, most tables at Lazy Susan feature an actual lazy Susan in the middle of the table, which makes sharing dishes easy. And you'll definitely want to share. From kimchi chorizo mac and cheese to the japchae noodle dish, there's something for everyone at the restaurant.

One very sharable specialty is their fried chicken wings. Their ginger soy and sweet & spicy wings are especially delicious.

Lazy Susan 2
Japchae features glass noodles with stir-fried vegetables and mushrooms.

And if you're moving slow one day? No problem- Lazy Susan has a hangover soup that's perfect when you stayed out a little too late the night before. It's spicy, savory, salty and rich- the perfect combo to battle the hangover blues.

Their drinks are also a must-try, too. You'll find boozy slushes churning away in the corner, although we recommend trying the "Best Gin & Tonic". Yes, that's what it's called! They even make the tonic in-house, so you know it's really good.

Lazy Susan | 823 5th Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109 

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