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Lavender fields: a perfect way to social distance

The festival is cancelled, but Sequim's fields are blooming, and people are visiting

SEQUIM, Wash. — Sequim lavender farmers are still hard at work, even though the festival's cancelled this year.

Across the entire region acres of lavender are at their purple peak –and festival or no, visitors are still welcome at many farms:

“The festival as a big celebration isn't happening, but the fields are still open, you can come every day and check out lavender. Celebrate on your own!” said Joran Scheifen, owner of Jardin du Soliel Lavender.

'Lavender Bathing' is a perfect pandemic activity.

"You can come and wander and not even come within 20 feet if you wanted to, right? Go hide somewhere in one of the fields,” said Scheifen.

And there are plenty of farms to visit, each one with its own personality: 

Jardin du Soliel has a small herd of goat greeters – and grows organic plants on rolling hills.

At Graysmarsh Farm, a couple of miles away you don't have to limit yourself to just harvesting lavender. 

Rows of U-pick raspberries and blueberries are ripe at the same time the lavender's at its peak. 

Don't want to labor picking your own?  Pre-picked berries and bunches are available also.

Photo ops are everywhere on this picture-perfect farm, and it's a popular stop for families with kids, or anyone who wants a deal on fresh picked berries in exchange for a bit of labor. 

For people who want to stay safe, and still get their fragrance fix, Lavender Connection is serious about social distancing and they have a unique take on that six-foot measurement we all know by heart. Signs around the farm advise visitors to stay two lavender plants apart. This farm is open by appointment only, and they keep visitors to just two groups at a time. Easy-to-clean wooden trays replace baskets for cutting, and hand-sanitizer is everywhere.

"If you're concerned about social distancing if you're concerned about someone in your family, this is a great place to come. Also if you want to just have a really quiet farm experience,” said Rebecca Olson, co-owner of Lavender Connection.

A lavender road trip might be the ultimate getaway this summer.  And for these growers - working from home isn't so bad.

“It's a pretty fantastic way to wait out a pandemic,” said Olson.

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