SEATTLE — It's the great pumpkin patch of Seattle's Magnolia neighborhood. And Greg Shaw is the pumpkin master.

"I always had kind of a fascination with Halloween," Shaw says.

The local realtor has been growing gourds for more than 30 years.

"Each year I would kind of grow more," he says.

Some of the Atlantic Giants, as they're known, top out at more than 500 pounds, gaining as much as 10 pounds a day.

"I have measured the vine," Shaw says, "and it grew 10 inches in 24 hours, so almost a half an inch an hour."

With pumpkins this size, growing can be an extreme sport.

Shaw says, "Two years in a row, I've almost dislocated my shoulder trying to move these. That's probably the biggest hazard so far."

When you have more than 4,000 pounds of pumpkin on your front yard, it tends to get a reaction.

"I do hear a scream once in awhile. One of them was, 'Holy...' followed by an S-word," he says.

Could be, people just don't expect something like this in a residential neighborhood.

"I think that's part of it, is to see it in the city."

Or maybe they just love these orange giants as much as the guy who's growing them.

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