LAKEWOOD, Wash. -- The home of Johnny Jones is a sensational six bedroom salute to the Fab Four.

Johnny plays keyboards and guitar in the Beatles Tribute band Apple Jam. Its music that's always made him feel good. So in 2012, when a woman he loved took off with everything but their Chihuahua Pixie, Johnny found solace in his favorite band.

It began with a shower curtain, then came the Blue Meanies and the Dreadful Flying Glove. There's a piano room just like the one John Lennon had in his English mansion, and through a door marked #9 there's a recording studio with guitars galore. Including a replica of a guitar George Harrison played in the psychedelic 60's. Upstairs are the bedrooms, each with a different Beatles theme, and the Toy Room is home to one of the most impressive collections of Beatles memorabilia you may ever see.

Most of this stuff is for sale, after all Johnny needs to raise funds to finish his Beatles home. A home he hopes to someday share with someone new.