On this special episode of Evening, local chefs tell us where their favorite places are to grab a bite. FEATURING: Shota Nakajima, Daisley Gordon, Taylor Hoang, Greg Atkinson, Julien Perry, Makini Howell, and Chester Gerl.


See where Chef Shota Nakajima goes for good food and good times - Where the Chefs Eat - He admits he works too much. But when he goes out to eat, he does it with the same passion he has in the kitchen.

The best eateries at Pike Place Market according to Chef Daisley Gordon - Where the Chefs Eat - Even after over two decades in The Market, Chef Gordon still finds great places to eat. 

Curries, congee, and piled-high platters with restaurateur Taylor Hoang - Where the Chefs Eat - Taylor Hoang's recommendations for family-friendly restaurants include Pakistani, Chinese, and Vietnamese cuisine.

Chef Greg Atkinson's top 3 eateries on Bainbridge Island - Where the Chefs Eat - When he's not serving up French food with a PNW twist, Chef Greg Atkinson is likely grabbing a bite from these Bainbridge Island hot spots.

Food Writer Julien Perry picks her fav food places - Where the Chefs Eat - Julien Perry writes about the Seattle food scene for a living. So we tagged along as the author of, Seattle Cooks, took us to a few of her favorite places to eat.

Chef Makini Howell shows us her favorite plant-based dished around town - Where the Chefs Eat - Chef Makini Howell has been a vegetarian all her life. But she says you don't have to go to a 'Vegan Only' restaurant to enjoy great plant-based dishes. 

Chef Chester Gerl's taste in food knows no boundaries - Where the Chefs Eat - Chef Chester Gerl is known for his Mexican food at his Ballard based restaurant, Gracia. But he showed Evening his taste spans all over the world.

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