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Bellingham's Dorky Dance Fitness gets you ripped while making you laugh and it's coming to Seattle

Pull out your '80s workout gear and put on your headband, it's time to get dorky and get a workout at the same time.

BELLINGHAM, Wash. — Step aside, SoulCycle. Move over, Orangetheory. 

You're outdated. Dorky Dance is here.

It's the creation of Bellingham trapeze artist Sadye Osterloh. She teaches a circus arts class, and her warm-ups were always a mash-up of visualization, dance moves, and silliness. The warm-ups became so popular, she had an epiphany: Fitness needs to get a sense of humor.

"Dorky Dance, it's like a workout for your body and your funny bone,” said Osterloh. 

Dorky Dance is also democratic, we saw babes in arms, and senior citizens in the class we attended: 

"It's for anyone and everyone,” she adds. 

Cost is on a sliding scale - 5 to 10 dollars a class. Workout wear? PT Barnum marries Jane Fonda and throws a rave for the reception.

"This is one of my mom's leotards from the '80s by the way,” said Dorky Dancer Tanya, who was sporting a shiny turquoise leotard with hot pink leggings for the class. Headbands, legwarmers, and sparkly skirts are also welcome at Dorky Dance. 

"It's a great way to get exercise and not feel like you're in a gym exercising,” said Mika, one of the 20 or so people laughing as they worked out. 

"I actually live in Arlington so I drive an hour each way, every Wednesday to come here,” said Dorky Dancer Jen. 

Imaginations also get a workout at Dorky Dance. Midway through the workout, Osterloh shouts at her class, “I want you just to start imagining you're Dracula up in the club.” Then, as Usher’s ‘Yeah’ starts pumping out a dance beat, she somehow has the whole class shaking their hips, and doing sinister vampire laughs at the same time. 

“I think it's important to just have fun,” said Osterloh. "They don't have to like be doing 900 push-ups or they don't have to be showing off how hard they can work. They can just come and have fun in a safe space and laugh and just dance their butts off. "

It’s time to dig out your legwarmers and terrycloth headbands and laugh while you get ripped. Dorky Dance may be the future of fitness. 

UPDATE! Dorky Dance is offering classes on Zoom starting Jan. 9, 2022 - pre register here, and have fun!

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