SEATTLE — There's hot yoga. Kitten yoga. Goat yoga. Paddle Board yoga. And while this yoga class follows the same trend... it's perhaps the most magical of them all.

Strive & Uplift co-owner Kira Morin was inspired to start a puppy yoga class thanks to her passion for fostering dogs and puppies.

"I have this great space, this passion for puppies, and I said, 'what if we try doing puppy yoga?'," Morin says.

Each puppy yoga class is an hour long and costs $30 per person. It is an actual yoga class, with an instructor- although Morin says their motto is "puppies over poses". Participants get to choose just how seriously they take the class.

Puppy Yoga 2
Puppy Yoga raises money for Bravepup, a local non-profit that saves puppies from high-kill shelters.
Ellen Meny

The classes are small, to make sure every participant has adequate puppy-snuggling time. Normal class size is fourteen to sixteen people, and everyone gets a small treat bag to entice puppies into visiting them - although most of the time, the puppies are just as happy to visit without encouragement.

Strive & Uplift partners with Bravepup, a local non-profit, for these classes. Bravepup rescues puppies from high-kill shelters in Georgia and brings them to Seattle. They do "puppy jobs" - visiting businesses for cuddles, starring in wedding photoshoots and doing puppy yoga until they're adopted. While you can't adopt the puppies during the yoga class, Bravepup has an Adoption page on their website where you can apply.

There's no set schedule for puppy yoga because Bravepup gets new puppies on a case-by-case basis. A class is usually announced a week in advance, so watch the gym's Facebook page for updates.

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