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Meet 6 of Washington state's most unique artists

Their distinctive art pieces are sure to catch your attention!

Disclaimer: This episode is an Encore Presentation of KING 5's Evening.

There are hundreds of thousands of artists in Washington that bring their own unique perspective into the pieces they create. Their visions are brought to life in a variety of art forms -- from photography, to paint, to digital illustrations.

Keep reading as we showcase 6 of our state's amazing artists -- from a cut-out photographer to a painter specializing in portraits of forgotten women.

1. Photographer, Rudy Willingham

West Seattle resident Rudy Willingham looks at the world differently than most people. There's no place can you see that more than on his Instagram page. He created collage arts of paper cutouts and photos of local landmarks, city decorations, and natures. 

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2. Illustrator, Nolen Lee

In his Kirkland home studio, Nolen Lee is surrounded by pudgy, pugilistic pandas. Lee gave up pursuing a career in civil engineering and making panda arts instead. He sells panda art, panda prints, panda book, panda plushies, you name it!

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3. Henna artist, Sarah Walters

Bothell's Henna artist, Sarah Walters creates henna crowns for women living through chemotherapy. She uses a plant-based paste to make temporary tattoos on her client's heads. But unlike a trip to the salon, this service doesn't cost a thing. Walters offers henna crowns to her clients for free

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4. Artist/Muralist, Jeffrey Veregge

Jeffrey Veregge mixes native American motifs and S'klallam words with Marvel Super Heroes. He made a lot of native murals that you can found on a huge entrance for the new CitizenM hotel in South Lake Union, and he created murals for the Smithsonian’s National Museum of the American Indian.

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5. Painter, Adrienne La Faye

Renton-based artist, Adrienne La Faye, is an advocate of using her talent to tell women's stories. In March of 2019, La Faye visited the Washington Corrections Center for Women to meet with a group of inmates. She took pictures of each one, painted a portrait of them and collected as a project, Portraits of Forgotten Women.

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6. Illustrator, Creative Lou

Emerging artist Damon Brown showcases life in Seattle by blending animation, graffiti, and fine art techniques. He works under the name "Creative Lou," turning out vibrant and eye-catching images he creates free-hand and digitally.

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Disclaimer: This episode is an Encore Presentation of KING 5's Evening.

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