Most people know Kelly Clarkson as the first ever winner of American Idol. After multiple albums and hit singles, she's now the newest judge on NBC's The Voice. Evening's Jim Dever spoke to her about taking on this role. Below is a transcript of the interview:

CLARKSON: "Oh hey Jim, how ya doing?"

DEVER: Fantastic, thank you! Kelly tell me, was joining the voice anything like starting the first day of school?

CLARKSON: "Yes, I'm a total nerd! It's like I legit picked out, not the outfit I was wearing on camera, the outfit I was wearing to work... [LAUGHS] the night before. Like my husband was like, 'What's wrong with you?!' I was absolutely nervous. I've been on the show plenty, like singing and advising on a couple different seasons, but I've never sat in a chair. You don't think about it's different. You're watching at home and you see them when they're singing but you can't, obviously, it's called the blinds. And so I was very nervous. I had a lot of anxiety."

DEVER: Well it looks like you're over your first day jitters. Kelly, what qualities are you looking for in a good contestant?

CLARKSON: "I'm looking for believability like a storyteller. I like someone soulful. I think a lot of people try to pay attention to being so technically perfect and I used to do that when I first started, and it's annoying. It doesn't sound real, you know? So I'm looking for real storytellers."

DEVER: Once you pick those storytellers, did you find it harder than you thought it would be when you had to make cuts and let some go?

CLARKSON: "Oh my gosh, making cuts are the worst. When you have to choose someone on your team over someone else on your team -- it's the worst experience ever. And I've experienced a lot of horrible thing in the industry and that actually tops it. You feel like -- I've been them and you feel like they feel it's over, you know? Not all of them, but a lot of them do, especially the young ones, and it's very hard. I hate it. I'm very much looking forward to America voting and y'all getting the guilt [LAUGHS]."

DEVER: Well Kelly, thank you so much for your time and keep up the good work judging on The Voice!

CLARKSON: "Oh yeah, thanks so much. Have a good one!"

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