Venture beyond the plants for sale at The Brother's Greenhouses in Port Orchard and you'll discover a hobbit house.

Who made it? Cheryl Pelkey and Marilyn Davis are the resident Hobbits.

It all began with words...

“You have to start there, you have to start with ‘I want to build a hobbit house.’ That's the first beginning. If you don't say those words, you're never gonna build one," Cheryl said.

After that came a cardboard model, and then Marilyn doing the hands-on work with materials usually reserved for road building.

The Hobbit House was finished in 2015 with windows salvaged from ship portholes, a real fireplace and earth walls decorated by whatever happens to be in bloom.

"A little new little world -- a little spot in the world that's just your imagination,” Marilyn said.

Nursery guests delight in visiting this cozy hideaway. And whether the owners of this nursery are human or hobbit, they've brought a piece of Middle Earth to the Pacific Northwest.

The Brothers Greenhouse
(360) 674-2558
3200 Victory Dr. SW
Port Orchard, WA 98367