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Secret iPhone tricks that can turn anyone into a professional photographer

One of the nation's most prominent iPhone photographers shares his secrets to improve your photos, videos and life

SEATTLE — Disclaimer: This episode is an encore presentation of KING 5's Evening.

If you haven't been all that excited about the photos and videos you've been taking on your phone, one of the nation's most prominent iPhone photographers has some tips and tricks.

“Having an iPhone or having any kind of mobile smart device is really like having a production company in your pocket,” says Brian Bosché who works for Seattle-based Smartsheet.

More than 200-thousand people follow Bosche's Tik Tok account for tips on getting the best pictures and videos out of their smartphones. Buzzfeed shared his tips on their Instagram feed.

“Anyone with a smart device can use the camera technology and editing technology to do some pretty amazing things,” he says.

Let's start with the trick Bosché calls Pano Fun.

He uses the camera's pano mode up to the point the subject is out of the shot. The subject runs behind the camera and poses again.

“Then once you reset out of that frame I capture you back in it, in a new one, and you can resume,” he says.

Credit: Brian Bosché
Brian Bosché reveals how he got two Saints in one shot

Imagine how much better the world would be with two of you!

Here's something to reflect upon: Instant Reflections.

If you need an instant reflection of anything to add some creative flair to your photo, you can just use your friends iPhone and it will create an instant reflection,” says Bosché.

Credit: Berian Bosché
Brian Bosché uses a second camera to get an instant reflection

You don't have to use Instagram's Boomerang app for the effect.

Shoot your photo in live mode and then swipe up on the photo revealing loop and bounce options

“The bounce mode is fun,” Bosché says

Suddenly the image of a juggler looks really cool.

You can also get the hyper-lapse effect without a GoPro.

“I'm switching to time lapse mode here and I'm going to attempt to cross the street,” Bosché says.

Bosché walks at about half speed holding his phone as smoothly as he can.

“And then I leave it for a few frames at the very end to know we are at Public Market,” he says.

Finally, Bosché shows us how to turn a backlit shot into something worth keeping by using the iPhone’s editing options.

Credit: Brian Bosché
Read how Bosché turns a back lit shot into something interesting

“So the highlights are the light background so you'll want to turn those down a little bit so it's not so blown out,” Bosché says. “The shadows are the dark areas so I can turn it up for you.”

Up goes the brilliance, down goes saturation, add some vibrance and the before and after can be pretty dramatic.

Just some of the trick and tips that can change the way you capture your life.

“It really makes you look at the world in a different way,” Bosché says.

Credit: KING TV

You can follow Bosché on Instagram or Tik Tok to get more tips and tricks.

Disclaimer: This episode is an encore presentation of KING 5's Evening.

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