LAKE STEVENS, Wash. — Lake Stevens is a far cry from the tropics, but Kaliki’s Hawaiian Shave Ice does a good impersonation.

"You walk through the doors and the weather is 80 degrees inside,” said owner Chris Whittaker. “Sunshine and wonderfulness."

She grew up visiting family members who live on the islands, but her home is Snohomish County.

At Kaliki's, she tries to blend both worlds. 

"It brings you happiness when you eat it,” she said. “It's not like eating a bowl of ice cream - you just scoop through that first bite of shave ice and it's joyful." 

Machines turn blocks of ice into powder, which is shaped into snowballs and topped with traditional syrups.

“In Hawaii, they use the Malolo syrup. I don't know what she's using here but it's pretty darn close to home,” said customer Lei DelosSantos.

Kaliki's also features traditional ice cream, which can be added to orders of shave ice. Customers can also get toppings to make a shave ice sundae.

For those who want to enjoy their shave ice after-hours, there’s a to-go option.

"We pre-make shave ice so they can stock their own freezer at home and enjoy it at any time,” Whittaker said.

The menu also includes wildly-popular-but-hard-to-find Dole Whip soft serve.

Even though the shop is 2600 miles away from the real thing, Whittaker hopes Kaliki’s temporarily transports everyone who stops in.

"You just sit back and taste the Hawaiian islands and you feel peace and joy,” she said.

Kaliki's is open seven days a week and also has ice to-go so you can stock your freezer at home. 

Kaliki’s Hawaiian Shave Ice | 91st Ave NE in Lake Stevens | (425) 404-3350 

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