Looking for a way to jump-start your resolution to eat healthier?

Imperfect Produce delivers boxes of discounted fruits and vegetables to your doorstep.

The catch? The items aren’t pretty.

"The taste is the exact same as you get at any conventional grocery store, it's just funny looking,” said spokesperson Brandon Merrick.

Historically, “funny looking” produce is thrown away because stores have trouble selling misshapen or discolored items.

Imperfect Produce cuts down on waste by sourcing ugly produce from farms up and down the West Coast. Customers order their boxes online, and they’re delivered within 24-48 hours of leaving the farms.

Because the produce isn't pretty, the price is right – usually 30-50% less than store-bought varieties.

"Everything is just there is the box, you get home from work and are like okay, I've got my vegetables, let's get straight to cooking,” said customer Cory Newman. "It definitely encourages us to eat better."

Small boxes start at $12 and large boxes are around $18. They currently deliver to the greater Seattle-Tacoma area.

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