BELLEVUE, Wash. — When she was 8, Josie Droz opened a lemonade stand to make a little money. But instead of spending the earnings on herself, she and her parents came up with another idea.

"We both came to the conclusion maybe we should find a way to donate that money to a cause that matters." Said Josie.

Her search for a cause led her to the group, Water Access Now; a local nonprofit that helps bring clean drinking water to the people of Ghana by building wells.

"I read on their website just the problems in Ghana about girls like me can't go to school because they spend their days getting water for their families. It's truly life savings what they're doing."

Chelsea Clinton with Josie Droz
Chelsea Clinton with Josie Droz.
Josie Droz

When she learned that one of the life-saving wells costs around $10,000 dollars to build, she started raising money through a campaign called, Josie's Well. She did everything from getting donations at water stands she set up, to convincing local businesses to contributed part of their profits to her cause.

"I've always wanted just to be able to help people. And I found this was just the perfect opportunity for me to help."

Not only did she help raise thousands of dollars, but Josie also learned some life lessons along the way. Especially about money.

"I would say that tracking your money is really important and setting goals cause I set goals and though they might have been really big, having the mindset that I could do it really made it so that I was able to," Josie said. "I learned that really, saving all of that up and that every teeny bit counts. All of that put together makes a lot. And for me, that was a big impact."

3 years since that lemonade stand, Josie is as dedicated as ever. At a recent event in Arizona, her dream helped inspire others to donate nearly $70,000 dollars to her cause.

"I've raised enough money to build probably 10 wells which is incredible."

Her age says she's only a kid. But Josie Droz proves you're never too young to make a positive impact on the world.

"I don't think that I ever want to stop."

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