KENT, WASH — Most success stories start with a dream. Desiree Burgess's started with a choice.

"I was 28 years-old and got pregnant out of wedlock," remembers Burgess. "Through a chain of events, I finally decided that I would step out on faith and have the baby and just trust that everything was going to be ok."

Her leap of faith not only produced her daughter, Hartley, it also started her on an unexpected career path.

"[I] Just started making headbands for her. Was on maternity leave and was just trying to have a little fun. I started to notice that when we went out of the house people would ask where did you get that headband? The first few times I thought it was kind of humorous because I didn't think it was that great."

But Burgess started making more headbands on her sister's kitchen table.

"In the beginning, I remember thinking I'll do this for a few months and I'll probably run out of money and go back and find a job. But within the first couple of months, it really took off."

A few years later, Burgess's one-time headband hobby has turned into a booming business called, Harts and Pearls.

"They are a fashion-forward accessory for the modern woman child and baby. They're really popular with the mom on the go. She doesn't have time to fix her hair so she throws on a headband and it's an instant hairdo."

While head wraps have been around for years, Harts and Pearls make the classic look more contemporary.

"We try really hard to be right on the edge of trends and we're always changing. We always have something new. It gets designed on the computer and then we print into the material. Everything gets sewn right here."

Burgess has come a long way from doing everything herself. She now has 10 people working for her company. The headbands have become so popular she's having a hard time wrapping her own head around her success.

"It started with friends and family who probably felt sorry for me and eventually grew bigger to where we were selling all over Washington state. Now, we ship to every state in the U.S., we ship overseas, it's crazy."

"I was a single mom and I was just trying to buy time with my daughter and I think this was the gift that came from it."

Her life may not have taken the turns she anticipated, but Desiree Burgess can't imagine a better destination.

“It got me to this place where I was like wow, I can start dreaming big."

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