Playing with boats is something most boys do when they're young, but Adam Karpenske never stopped.

"When I came out to Seattle I went to Evergreen and got evolved in their boating program there,” said Karpenske. “And that just kind grew into a career in boats."

One day while he and his wife were shivering their way through another cold Northwest day on the boat they live on, an idea, began to bubble.

"We knew we could make the dingy into a hot tub. So why not make the hot tub the dingy and the dingy the hot tub, everything all at once,” said Karpenske.

So he did.

"We didn't just want this to be another version of a hot tub on a boat, we really wanted this to be the hot tub is the boat and the boat is the hot tub,” said Karpenske. “They're one in the same."

Now, Adam has turned his hot idea, into what he hopes is an even hotter business: Hot Tub Boats Seattle.

Ever since it was announced, people have been waiting for their chance to strip down and climb aboard Adam’s invention.

"Well, the hot tub boat is fifteen feet over all, she's about six feet wide, about close to 400 gallons of water in the hot tub,” said Karpenske. “It can take six people on the boat at any time."

The boat comes equipped with life vests and other safety equipment, but if you're looking for speed, you may want to float somewhere else.

"She does her haul speed at about three-and-a-half knots,” said Karpenske. "It's controlled by a little joy stick. Kind of like a lot of people have equated it to ‘if you ever played Pac-man, you can drive the hot tub boat.’"

You might have to dodge a kayak, tour boat, and the occasional sea plane, but it's more likely they'll spot you first.

"You see it from a distance,” said Karpenske, “other people on their boat going ‘What is that’ or ‘Oh my gosh!’"

Unlike a traditional hot tub that's super hot and stationary, the water temp onboard is kept a bit cooler. Allowing your body, and your eyes, to soak it all in longer.

"I think it's a really fun experience watching people play in something that we made,” said Karpenske.

Hot Tub Boats Seattle
(206) 771-9883
1200 Westlake Ave N, Seattle, WA 98109

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