MILL CREEK, Wash. — When it comes to twins, you'd have a hard time finding a tighter pair than Lyndsay Lamb and Leslie Davis.

"We are identical twins. We're actually what they call mirror twins. So, I'm right-handed, she's left-handed. Like when we face each other it's like looking in a mirror," said Lyndsay.

They're also identical when it comes to cut-up personalities. It's something they show off on their YouTube channel for their business, Lamb Real Estate in Mill Creek.

"By nature, we're just goofy. Goofy people,” said Leslie.

It was one of their goofy videos that caught the eyes of producers for HGTV.

"We put it out for everyone to enjoy, kinda like Carpool Karaoke, and they saw one of those and they contacted us and said you guys look like fun," said Leslie.

After shooting a pilot, the sisters were given a 10 episode 1st season for their show, Unsellable Houses.

"It's about helping homeowners that feel like their home may be unsellable and we come in and help make it sellable and sell it for even more then they could imagine it could sell for," said Lyndsay.

That help includes investing their own money to make renovations. And dolling out advice some homeowners don't always want to hear.

"We go in and we're very honest. It's no benefit to a seller to not be honest with them. So we tell them, 'Look, this is why your house isn't selling,'" said Leslie.

They may know a lot about real estate, but the two had to learn fast when it came to shooting reality tv.

"Oh my word, I had no idea how many hours, of my gosh," said Lyndsay. "Like 20 minutes of a show, and we filmed, 5000 hours of filming. It's insane!" Leslie exclaimed. "You grind them out. The houses overlap each other so we put in a lot of hours to bust out a season."

But all that work has been worth it. Not only do their clients benefit, but viewers at home can take away something as well.

"From every episode we hope someone is able to go, oh, I can do that. I feel we have a lot of knowledge to share," said Lyndsay.

The twins are also proud to share with the nation what a great place the Pacific Northwest is.

"We just really, really care about this community. We've partnered with amazing people that are local with the show, specifically because we wanted to keep everything local."

So while Fixer Upper may set the home-reno bar, Lyndsay's and Leslie’s hope Unsellable Houses is the foundation of something big.

Unsellable Houses airs Tuesday nights at 9:00 PM on HGTV

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