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Helping hospitalized kids heal through music

No kid deserves to be in a hospital, especially during the holidays. But the local non-profit Melodic Caring Project and Premera are trying to help hospitalized kids heal with the help of music.

On most days, the halls of Mary Bridge Children's Hospital are filled with doctors, nurses, and patients. But today they're also filled with music.

For the past 5 years, hospitalized kids have found their days a little brighter thanks to the local non-profit the Melodic Caring Project.

"Our mission is to support hospitalized children and we do that by filming live concerts and live events and streaming them live to kids in their hospital rooms." Said Levi Ware, co-founder of Melodic Caring Project.

"Today we are bringing 5th Ave Theatre in to sing Christmas carols to sing to kids here at Mary Bridge and bring joy and support love and encouragement into those rooms so those kids know they are not alone."

For Tate Busby, who's performing in the 5th Avenue Theatre's production of Holiday Inn, says the gift of music is a present he's happy to give.

"I've always thought of these coming and visiting as a complete gift. Like a perfect gift-wrapped package that we can just give to these kids. So just having the opportunity to give that gift is always such a pleasure."

Today's concert is due in large part to Premera Blue Cross who sees Melodic Caring's concerts as an important step for kids on the road to recovery.

"This is not one of those things you put down on paper as part of someone's overall health concerns, but when you think about being in a hospital seeking treatment and just the time you're spending there, we're trying to help bring some happiness, some joy, some music to their healing process." Said Paul Hollie with Premera.

Ware adds, "Premera is one of the first that has come on wholeheartedly and said we love what you're doing and is pitching in and supporting what we're doing and we're working together to bring an incredible experience to the kids."

So while nothing can replace the importance of a doctor’s treatment, for these kids, music can be a powerful medicine as well.

This story is sponsored by Premera Blue Cross