SEATTLE — Chef and restaurateur Ethan Stowell has expanded his line of restaurants to include a new, sustainable venture - Heads & Tails in Ballard.

A lot of food goes to waste in the restaurant industry- certain parts of animals are rarely used. That's what inspired Ethan Stowell to create this new restaurant- Heads & Tails only serves the heads and tails of animals, two often overlooked ingredients.

Frito Misto
Restaurateur Ethan Stowell re-imagined his restaurant Brambling Cross, into Heads & Tails.
Ellen Meny

Their signature dish is the Fritto Misto platter, which features various fish heads. It's perfect for sharing. Their salmon head burger is also a must.

The Heads & Tails concept goes beyond food, though. The restaurant features innovative drinks, like the Tail Wagger- a vodka-based drink featuring shrimp tails.

Another star of the drink menu is beer head. Instead of serving full beers, Heads & Tails serves the heads of beer. It's lighter than a traditional beer, while also being low in calories.

Beer Head
Beer head is the newest low-calorie way to enjoy beer.
Ellen Meny

This new concept restaurant is replacing his Ballard restaurant Bramling Cross. Ethan hopes this new concept will pave the way for other sustainable restaurants.

Heads & Tails | 5205 Ballard Ave NW | Happy April Fools' Day!

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